Tuesday, 14 February 2017

                                                TAKING EDUCATION BEYOND

"The empires of the future are the empires of the mind." The best way to harness the mind is to anchor it to the Supreme Power and whisper," Lead me Higher, Lead me Deeper, Lead me Beyond, Lead me to You..."What better way to start the day in a school than by building up one's energy level by sitting in non-doing. When there is a lot of chattering in the mind, innumerable distractions around, loads of temptations in life, emotional bankruptcy, void in relationships,immaturity in thought,moments of impulsiveness,lack of clarity in vision, emptiness in the heart, feelings of insecurity and so on in the lives of the young ones, due to social conditions, family set-up mand circumstances,the best way is to make children spiritually aligned in life.

  Children's decisions in almost all matters are driven by pleasure, rather than by right and wrong. Anything that is perceived by them as pain,even though it may be the right thing to do, is avoided by them. Hence they do not lead a systematic and disciplined life. Chaos is the order of the day  There is no order in their life.Sitting in non-doing will bring a lot of clarity to their thinking, de-stress their troubled and confused minds, make them composed individuals, channelise their energy,create emotional equanimity, provide them the much needed direction in life and help them to live life with heightened awareness.

Being Spiritually rooted could be the panacea for all evils in society.It is the answer to all our questions.It will create a clear conscience which will help to discriminate right from wrong. it will usher in a new dawn and herald a promising future for the younger generation by bringing about a shift in their attitude, and restraint in their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Growth should not be compartmentalised. It has to be holistic.All that we need to do is, provide them with horizontal exposure and vertical expertise.Children should have a fair knowledge of how the world works.They must be Jack of all trades and Master of one.! Confining them to academics will make growth lop-sided."Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten."

Sharing and caring, which was part of our culture, has now become conspicuous by its absence.Individuals are unable to think beyond"Me mine & myself" This seems to be threatening the very fabric of society which should be built on love and concern for fellow human-beings.Children should be taught about what they can give in a relationship and not what they can receive. Moulding them into contributing citizens is of paramount importance. So let us make them experience the joy of giving.

Realising the need for individuals who are deep-rooted in values, rich in their thoughts. strong in their principles, unwavering in their aim, sound in character, benevolent in action, selfless in intent, ethical and moral in their conduct, loving and caring by nature, empathetic in their outlook,deep in gratitude, generous at heart, compassionate in feelings, respectful in manners, the school needs to provide a wholesome education for the younger generation to grow into a harmonious personality.

"The aim of education is the knowledge not of facts, but of values." Let us  not confine education to the classroom.No opportunity should be missed to provide the child a wholesome experience by which he learns more about life and the challenges ahead and steps out of the portals of the school brimming with confidence and courage. Life is not all about marks alone.Every time life pushes you down,can you get up one more time, dust yourself and move forward? Build such a resilience in the child. Every effort should be taken to help the child unleash his potential, discover the innate strength and goodness in him, and persuade the child to explore the possibilities of bringing joy wherever he goes, so that he is a blessing not only to his parents, but also to the society at large. With this vision in mind we need to work relentlessly in taking education beyond...!

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